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Service Charge Consultancy

The importance of a well constructed Service Charge Scheme cannot be underestimated.

Care and attention taken at the outset of any building in multi occupancy to ensure that decisions taken at the outset do not result in dispute and antagonism in the future.

At Benchmark our team have developed some of the most complex service charge schemes in Ireland. We understand buildings and design and the concept of potential and expected enjoyment of a service. We use cost centres and apportionments to develop equitable service charges without them being too flexible or onerous to render them impractical.

Our Services Include;

  • Review of design / development to determine service requirements of the estate
  • Review of different nature of units and services enjoyed by each user type
  • Determination of Cost Centres
  • Apportionment of Service Charges
  • Delivery of Recommended Service Charge Scheme
  • Mediation in Service Charge Disputes
  • Expert Witness in Service Charge Disputes
  • Advice to Developers of Multi Unit Developments and Mixed Use DevelopmentsĀ regarding Section 3 of the Multi Unit Developments Act
  • Management of Section 3 for Developers of Multi Unit Developments and Mixed UseĀ DevelopmentsĀ