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Property Management

Multi-Unit Developments

The successful management of a Multi-Unit Development requires knowledge and understanding of property, legal and accounting issues and an ability to work closely with the Board of Directors of the development Owners' Management Company (OMC). At Benchmark Property, we have a breadth of experience and expertise and a depth of knowledge to ensure that we are equipped to manage all issues that may arise.

The main objectives of any OMC should be:

  • To protect and where possible, enhance the value of the property assets
  • To ensure the quiet enjoyment of the property and its amenities for all residents
  • To deliver value for money in the procurement of all services to the Company

We assist our clients in achieving these objectives by offering support and expert advice to the Board of Directors by detailing all options available to them for any circumstance arising. We are professional and precise and believe that Owners’ Management Companies should operate in environments of minimal risk and we endeavour to highlight potential risks attached to any decisions. In areas beyond our professional capability, we will volunteer that third party expert advice be sought to ensure that all decisions can be properly considered. We offer a flexible, efficient and client focussed service to ensure complete comfort to our clients that their property is being managed 24/7, encompassing the following areas.


  • Liaising with Auditors on Preparation of Annual Accounts.
  • Advising OMCs and their Board on their responsibilities and duties.
  • Advising and Monitoring Compliance with Covenants of OMC Lease.
  • Insurance Administration and Claims Handling.
  • Advising On Health and Safety Compliance.
  • Attendance at Board Meetings and AGMs.
  • Dealing with Direct Employees of OMC.

Financial Management

  • Service Charge Budget Preparation
  • Service Charge Apportionment, Billing and Collection
  • Development of Bespoke Service Charge Collection Policy
  • Processing of Creditor Invoices
  • Maintaining Income & Expenditure Accounts
  • Financial Client Reporting

Operational Management

  • Property Inspections
  • Arranging Service Contracts
  • Management of Contractors
  • 24/7 Emergency Call-Out
  • Identification of Repairs
  • Planned Maintenance
  • Reactive Maintenance