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Property Management

Residential Lettings and Management

Our Residential Letting & Management Service is focused on keeping properties occupied with the right tenant. We understand the value in good tenants and endeavour, on behalf of all of our clients, to provide attentive service to tenants in performance of landlord duties under law and lease while maximising the return from the property to the landlord.

We fully understand the landlord’s responsibilities under Irish Legislation and ensure that we are informed up to date with legislative changes to protect our clients and we provide a comprehensive service to property owners ensuring that all maintenance, insurance, registration and financial matters are attended to accurately, promptly and efficiently.

As some landlords require a “Let Only” service whereby, post-let, they manage all property and tenant issues themselves, while others require a “Let and Manage” service so that all issues are attended to by the agent, we offer a number of services to meet your specific needs.

Residential Letting Service

  • Assessment of Advised Letting V alue
  • High Quality Marketing Images of Property
  • Preparation of Property Marketing Details
  • Marketing of Property on (Premium Advertisement subject to additional charge)
  • Accompanied Viewing of Property (Mon-Fri 8am-7.30pm)
  • Interviewing Prospective Tenants
  • Obtaining full tenant details (2 x References, PPS Number, Proof of Identity)
  • Collection of Security Deposit
  • Preparation of Tenancy Agreement
  • Collection of First Month’s Rent
  • Execution of Lease Document by Tenant
  • Meet with tenant at Property upon satisfactory receipt of rent, deposit, references and personal
  • information
  • Explain Lease clauses and House Rules to tenants
  • Explain operational aspects of property; keys, access, waste, heating etc.
  • Hand over keys
  • Take relevant Meter Readings
  • Register Property with Private Residential Tenancies Board
  • Apply to relevant utility provider to transfer utility accounts with relevant readings
  • Issuing of Lease to Landlord for signing
  • Issue Statement of Rent and Security deposit received with details of approved deductions to client together with relevant remittance 

Residential Private Rented Dwellings Management Service

  • Collection of Monthly Rent
  • Issuing of Monthly Statement and Remittance
  • Issuing a copy of all invoices for any expenses incurred on behalf of the client
  • Quarterly Inspection of Property
  • Acting as “Point of Contact” for all tenant queries and PRTB
  • Arranging all repairs of property reported by tenant that are the landlords responsibility
  • Dealing with all tenant queries and repairs in an efficient and courteous manner
  • Dealing with insurance renewals and claims if and when they occur (claims involving the frustration of leases and major reinstatement works are subject to additional fees)
  • Monitoring of Lease Terms and Expiries
  • Preparing property for re-letting should vacancy arise
  • Maintaining PRTB records
  • Dealing with Assignments / Sublet applications
  • Ensuring tenants abide by the terms of their lease
  • Checking out tenants at end of lease to include:
  • Final Inspection of Property
  • Inventory Check
  • Quantifying Deposit Deductions
  • Meter Readings for utilities and transfer of accounts to keep live
  • Refunding Deposit in timely manner
  • Preparation of Annual Income and Expenditure Summaries for Tax Purposes
  • Refurbishment of Property (Supervision, specifying and tendering of major works will be subject to additional Fee)
  • Acting as “point of contact” for Landlord with Owners Management Companies

Tax Services to Non-Resident Landlords

Where a landlord is a non-resident for tax purposes, any collection agent is obliged to deduct tax at the standard rate prior to remittance. In the absence of any collection agent the Revenue may require a tenant to deduct and remit tax. We provide basic tax services to non-resident property owners with uncomplicated return requirements as follows;

  • Establishment of Non-Residential PPS number registering Strathmore Ivernia Ltd as Collection Agent for the Landlord
  • Collation of all allowable expenditure incurred on the property for the relevant tax year.
  • Deduct Tax at standard rate on all rental income received
  • Preparation of an Income and Expenditure Account detailing the relevant rental income and allowable expenditure.
  • Completion of Form 11 and payment of preliminary tax
  • Review of Notice of Assessment when received and raising any queries on same
  • Reconciliation of Tax Retained and Tax Paid on receipt of the Notice of Assessment
  • Issuing Reconciliation and Report to Client together with any refund of tax retained due

Other Landlord Services

  • Full Management of Common Areas of Multi-Let Building
  • Arrangement of BER Certificate
  • Arrangement of Insurance Cover
  • Arrangement of Insurance reinstatement Valuations
  • Project Supervision of Property Refurbishment to include specification and tendering of works
  • Acquisition of Property
  • Disposal / Sale of Property
  • Owners’ Management Company Advice
  • Proxy Director on behalf of Property Owner to the Board of an Owners’ Management Company