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Case Studies

Management of an Apartment Unit within a Multi-Unit Development


On New Year’s Eve our after-hours emergency service received a call from the tenant Court reporting that the wall between the bathroom and hallway had collapsed.


  • Incident occurring during Christmas holiday period
  • Cause of incident unknown
  • Serious property damage
  • Accommodation unavailable to tenant


  • On arrival it was clear that there had been some type of explosion in the bathroom as the stud walls had been forced outward by some pressure
  • No gas serves the building and there was no evidence of flame
  • The tenants made arrangement to stay in a friend’s house
  • Contacted the property owner and contractor and arranged to meet 10am on 1 January
  • Contacted building management to inform them of an insurance claim
  • Contacted contractor and consulting engineer to assess damage and cause of claim
  • Met with engineer on site on 2 January at 9.30am. Upon confirmation that damage was caused by a gas build up in the soil vent pipe contact was made with the insurance broker directly
  • Met appointed Loss Adjuster on site on 3 January
  • Forensic engineer attends site on 3 January at request of insurer
  • Work Commences 3 January
  • Met Building Management and OMC directors on 4 January
  • Contractor appointed cannot source tiling contractor available to carry out works at short notice - nominate contractor
  • Contractor appointed cannot source window manufacturer or repair contractor - nominate contractor
  • Specify works and agree scope with loss adjuster to include removal of entire bathroom and stud walls, removal of carpets and damaged joinery, repairs to kitchen presses, replacement of balcony doors, reinstatement of stud walls, replacement of entire bathroom suite, tile entire, decorate entire apartment, carpet and clean.
  • Rebuilding work completed, carpets installed and tenant returns to apartment on 14 January
  • Final bill of quantities received, submitted to the loss adjuster, negotiations on settlement commence and are finalised by Monday 21 January to include loss of rent
  • Loss Adjuster approve settlement and authorises cheque to client on 22 January

Skills and Experience Displayed

  • Prompt reaction to emergency situation
  • Specification and supervision of remedial works
  • Insurance claim management and negotiation
  • Maintenance of client/tenant relationship
  • Interaction with OMC on behalf of client